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Get Unique Experience from the Popular Tourist Destination in Flores


Get Unique Experience from the Popular Tourist Destination in Flores – People may have different opinions when it comes to traveling to Flores. Some people may consider it plain and boring but you will find the place quite unique and interesting once you give it a chance.

In fact, they has some beautiful places to visit, and there are quite a lot of things to do in Flores. Not to mention trying some of the unique culinary may be in your list. Well, what is the popular tourist destination in Flores that you should visit?

The Memorable Traveling Experience in Flores with the Unique Food

Forget about staying on the city only and going to the malls – they don’t really have one. On the positive side, you are free to explore the wild. Flores is rich with the natural resources. If you love outdoor adventures, there are some possible locations to try. Moreover, you should also try the foods.

1. Padar Island

Padar Island Flores
Photo by (IG): @nikolajthorngaard

Most people may want to go to the Komodo Island after they arrive in Flores, but if you love the green and outdoor adventure, visiting Padar Island is definitely a must. You will have to hike to the top area but the view is unbeatable.

Once you get into the top, you will be pampered with amazing view overlooking three different colored beaches: white, black, and pink. Seriously, these beaches have amazing sands with these unique colors. If you want to, it is also possible to take part in the sunrise tour. At least when you hike up at night, it won’t be scorching hot like you do in the day.

2. Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake, Flores
Photo by (IG) @francinakedong

One thing popular about Flores is the Kelimutu Lake. There are three lakes that are located close to each other with different colors of blue, white, and red. If you want to see the full spectrum of the colors, you should see it during the sunrise.

There also some people who came here early morning to view sunrise. The best time to visit the lake is between June and September, when the season is dry.

3. Ikan Tongkol Asap with Kuah Santan

Tongkol asap kuah santan
Photo by https://catatan-nina.blogspot.co.id/

While you are at it, you can try the special culinary of grilled tuna fish with special coconut milk gravy. This food is indigenous from Ende, the town close to Mount Kelimutu.

The local people will use coconut fibers or wooden board to grill the special fish. They are using unique herbs and spices for the season. This food will be perfect with warm rice. If you’re looking for a fresh fish, go to the southern area of Ende. You should be able to find the sellers.

4. Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Village
Photo by (IG) @irenetyas

If you are into cultural and historical subjects, a trek to this village will provide a lot of information and insight. It may not easy to reach the village, but it is going to worth your efforts.

Besides, the view is amazing and it is one of the original and traditional villages with great natural richness. It takes around four hours to reach the village so you will definitely need an overnight arrangement for the tour. Don’t forget to bring a lot of clothes.

These are only a few examples of the interesting places to visit or the unique food to try. If you are going to Flores, make sure to do a thorough research of the unique places and spots to explore.



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