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Have a Sweet Taste of Traditional Typical Foods from Jogja


Have a Sweet Taste of Traditional Typical Foods from Jogja – Jogja and everything in it never fails to amuse the travelers. Considered as a small city, it has everything from historical place, beautiful scenery, traditional markets, and good quality of cuisine.

Actually, almost all the traditional dishes from Central Java have sweet taste, including Jogja culinary. Ruled by Sultan (the King) from centuries ago up until now, Jogja offers a lot of cultural and historical heritage. This heritage affects all aspect of Jogja, including the foods. The sweet taste of foods here might surprise you at first, but once you get to taste it, you will not be bored.

Furthermore, Jogja is famous for its great foods. Yes, this city offers plenty of culinary options for travelers. A lot of great local recipes exist, from heavy meals to snacks.

They sell the foods not only at the restaurant, but also in the side walk. It is very easy for anyone to find food vendors in Jogja as they basically exist in every corner. This is something that will make you feel at ease.

The Mouthwatering Jogja Traditional Foods

1. Gudeg

Gudeg Yogyakarta Culinary
Photo by: IG @maktiendailyfood

You are not getting enough stories to tell if you go to Jogja and have not try gudeg yet. Gudeg is known as local food in Jogja, and it is very famous. This dish is made of young jackfruit, cooked with coconut milk, kluwak, and other spices. It is cooked in a big clay or metal pot for hours, usually about two hours.

People say that gudeg that’s cooked with clay pot will have different characteristics and better taste. This food has soft texture and the salty sweet taste. It goes well if you eat it with rice.

Jalan Wijilan (Wijilan street) is known as the central of Gudeg in Yogyakarta. It’s located not far from the Keraton (Sultan’s Palace) Yogyakarta. But, you can also find Gudeg on the other place.

2. Nasi Pecel

Javanese pecel from Indonesia
Photo by: IG @nasipecel_pakkumis

Even though you are in vacation, you should never forget to eat healthy foods. Nasi Pecel is a traditional Javanese food, a good choice for vegetarian or you who crave for some vegetables in your diet. This dish is a mix of boiled vegetable like beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach and kale.

Moreover, the vegetables are mixed with peanut sauce. It’s served with warm rice and prawn crackers, plus tempe and or tofu. Nasi Pecel is usually eaten in the morning for breakfast.

3. Brongkos

Brongkos is a dish made of beef. The beef is cut into small box like dice, cooked with tofu and mixed with red bean and other traditional seasonings. The color of this dish is dark brown. Well, it is tasty, slightly spicy and not too sweet.

4. Wedang Ronde and Wedang Uwuh

Wedang ronde from Yogyakarta
Photo by: IG @wedangrondekanggepeng

Sometimes, Jogja becomes so cold when the night comes. When this happens, usually people drink wedang ronde to warm up their body.

Wedang ronde is a beverage made from ginger and sugar, served with peanut, chips and the ball shaped made of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar. Moreover, the balls contain the crushed peanuts. Meanwhile, Wedang Uwuh is basically mixed with spices brewed with hot water. When you visit Alun-alun Kidul at the night, you can easily find it.

5. Bakpia

Indonesian bakpia Yogyakarta
Photo by: IG @nurulanisa05

This one is often brought for taking away; something you want to buy for family at home. Bakpia is a snack made of green beans mixed with sugar and other ingredients. It is small, round and taste good.

It has some variants of flavor, including chocolate, cheese, etc. People usually buy (a lot of) Bakpia, and bring it to their family or relatives as a gift from Yogyakarta. But please note that usually bakpia (not to confuse with “phia”) can only last for a week before it’s expire.



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