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Popular Tourist Destination in Bali, for the Other Options


Popular Tourist Destination in Bali, for the Other Options – As the popular travel and tourist icon of Indonesia in the international world, you probably think that Bali has lost some of its charm. What else to explore, anyway, if Kuta or Denpasar is always swamped by tourists.

You probably think that there is no more places to visit as you only see the same old charm and beauty about Bali. Well, guess what? Bali is more than just Denpasar or Kuta.

If you want to explore around, there are actually more places to visit – the beautiful ones, indeed. They may not be so modern or advanced, but they are the truly gems of Bali.

The Interesting Places to Visit from Other Points of Views

If you don’t want to go to the common places in Bali, there are other alternative spots to visit. Whether it is an outdoor exploration or a visit to the local plantation, here are some of the options.

1. Lovina

Lovina Beach Bali
Photo by: IG @travellingdede

If you enjoy dolphin sightings without harming the friendly creatures, come to Lovina. You will take a boat trip to see the dolphins – a school of them – jumping around happily along your boat. It’s not the only attraction in Lovina as you are also able to enjoy the live music while relaxing in cafes.

But it is best to come to this place when not in the peak season. Although the trip starts at dawn, many people want to see the dolphins too. In addition, it won’t be convenient to be ‘trapped’ among those crowds of people.

2. Agro Bali Pulina Tourism

Bali Pulina
Photo by: IG @farah_dn

This is the place where all the coffee lovers should visit. Bali Pulina is a coffee plantation where you can enjoy the tour. Not only you get to see the beautiful scenery, you can also take part in the tea (and also coffee) tasting.

You will be shown the process of making the popular coffee, Coffee Luwak. Don’t call yourself a true coffee lover if haven’t come to this place. Of course, you can take a coffee time while visiting this place.

3. Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Private Beach, Bali
Photo by: IG @mar.ta.fil

You may have to dig deeper into your pocket if you want to come to the private beach at this location but it is worth your spending, especially if you value your privacy. The area is filled with higher ends resorts and hotels.

Unlike the beach in Kuta that is more crowded and filled with people, the beach in Nusa Dua is quite exclusive because only the hotels guests can come there. That’s why people on honeymoon like to come here because it is more private.

4. Mount Batur Climb

Mount Batur Sunrise View
Photo by: IG @ayusurya549

It is located in the eastern side of Bali, which can provide an exciting and also challenging hiking experience. If you enjoy the outdoor activities so much, you will find Mount Batur caldera, which is the active volcano in the area. Most travelers would go on a hike at the crack of dawn, around 4 AM.

Therefore, they can reach the summit around 6 AM to see the sunrise. The hike itself is pretty easy, and you can get memorable experience once you reach the summit. Not to mention that you will be presented with amazing view everywhere you look.

As you see, there are other popular alternatives besides Denpasar or Kuta or even Ubud. If you have planned the trip carefully, you should be able to see the other side of Bali, in the most natural and beautiful way.



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