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Here’s Some Popular Culinary That You Can Find in Indonesia


Here’s Some Popular Culinary That You Can Find in Indonesia – Indonesia is popular for its delicious typical culinary. Abundant spices in this country allow people to create a plenty of traditional foods with typical flavors.

Some Indonesia culinary even has gone worldwide and become favorite foods in several countries. Here is the most popular Indonesian culinary you can find in many countries.

Amazingly Tasty Popular Indonesian Culinary

1. Nasi Padang with Rendang

Nasi padang with rendang
Photo by: IG @uniupik_bdg

This is one of the most popular Indonesian culinary that has been worldwide. The original taste of this typical West Sumatran food makes it considered as the top position in the list of 50 most delicious foods in the world according to CNN in 2011.

Rendang  (or people in Sumatra call it as “Randang”) also known as Indonesian beef curry, with strong taste of of the spices. Rendang is usually served with rice and cassava leave, plus green chili sauce, that also known as “Nasi Padang” (that means rice dish from Padang). The chili sauce is not too spicy, by the way.

Nasi Padang with rendang is one of the most popular dish in Indonesia. Simply visit a “Masakan Padang”, “Warung Padang”, or “Warung Minang” food stalls (the main keyword is “Padang” or “Minang”). The restaurant is can be found on almost all over Indonesia, but some people says that the original Nasi Padang from West Sumatra are the best one. Nowadays, it is also quite easy to find this culinary in many countries in Asia, even Europe and America.

2. Satay

Indonesian sate ayam (chicken satay)
Photo by: IG @dad_dish

Who can refuse the delicacy of Satay? Many foreign tourists who visit Indonesia always try to find satay because of its yummy taste. The most popular satay in Asia, especially in Indonesia, a country where this dish was created, is chicken satay.

However, beef is often used as well. The meat is cut into thin strips and spiced up with spices mixture. Then, the meat is skewered onto bamboo or wooden sticks and grilled over charcoal, like the way you make BBQ.

This dish is served with delicious peanut sauce. There are a plenty of restaurants abroad sell this dish. Even in New York, USA, satay can be easily found in several Indonesian restaurants. One of them is Satay Junction.

3. Gudeg

Gudeg Yogyakarta Culinary
Photo by: IG @maktiendailyfood

Gudeg is a typical food from the Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This dish is made from raw jack fruit, palm sugar, and seasonings cooked for hours. Due to its uniqueness and typical taste, those who visit Yogyakarta usually look for this food.

You can found Gudeg on some spots in Yogyakarta. The central of Gudeg in Yogyakarta is located at Jalan Wijilan (Wijilan street). There are several countries that import gudeg in the form of canned foods. In Melbourne, Australia, you can find this typical culinary in Clyton Road.

4. Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

Indonesian sop buntut (oxtail soup)
Photo by: IG @anak.kuliner

Oxtail soup is made from seasoned chopped beef tail and grilled. The grilled beef tail then added into beef broth and served with sliced potatoes, carrot, tomato, fried onion, and celery.

This soup is rich in spices, making it tastes fresh and savory. It’s usually serve with rice. Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, Spain has ever served this dish and made 300 people fell in love with this yummy soup.

5. Bakso (Indonesian Meatballs)

Bakso Indonesian Meatball
Photo by: IG @ari_hatjinu2109

Bakso is typical Indonesian meatball, commonly made from ground beef mixed with a small quantity of salt and tapioca flour. This meatball is a little different with some common meatballs.

The texture of bakso is dense, firm, and homogeneous due to the myosin polymerization in the beef paste. Bakso is a popular street food in Indonesia. Usually, the quality and taste of bakso is always different, depending on where you buy it.

Most people says that the best bakso can be found in Malang, East Java. However, this food becomes more prestigious and popular since the former president of USA Barack Obama stated he loved bakso.

When you visit Indonesia, its culinary will be one of the most valuable things you’re going to miss. The secret of typical Indonesian culinary delicacy is the richness of spices.



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